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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

We all search for something in life.  Something to define us.  Something that shows everyone what we're about.  Some people look for it in money, some in fame, some in drugs, some in relationships, and some in religion.  But those people won't ever find it.  Not because they are looking in the wrong places, but rather because they are looking at all.  That's the tricky thing about self definition, is that it can only come from within ourselves.  It isn't about anything material or your legacy or anything like that.  It is more of a feeling, or a simple state of being.  It has more to do with being true to yourself and being happy than anything else.  We can have money, or a spouse, or be famous, or invent something cool, but that won't ever change who we are inside.  Who we are inside can only produce those results, not the other way around.  Being poor and happy is exactly the same as being rich and happy.  We're all together on Earth and what common goal do we have other that the pursuit of happiness?  It is the most basic piece of the human puzzle, but also the most revealing one.  The things that bring an honest smile to your face, the really personal things, they're what we live for.  It is our happiness that makes us human.  Anything beyond that is just white noise.

Here are a few things that make me smile, no matter what I'm feeling:
-Everyone at church dropping their guard and letting themselves become effected by God

-Seeing pure innocence in someone

-Being able to sit with my friends or family in silence but be totally comfortable, just because it's us

-The spark of someone's creativity

-People that are curious enough to ask "why?" in everyday situations

-The zoo

-Someone that knows themselves well enough to admit they're messed up, but also wouldn't trade that part of themselves for the world

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