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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Words I Like

My family is sort of weird and at one point a few years ago we started picking out words we did and didn't like. So apparently one day in class, when I should have been taking notes, I wrote a few down.  Seeing as I don't want to forget them I figured the internet would be the best storage spot for them.  So here goes, some of my favorite words.

Impervious- I don't know exactly when I first heard this one but it is definitely in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twice so that in itself created a special place in my heart.  But aside from that, it just has a nice fun sound.  I like the "per" because it seems almost mocking, and that's what I'm all about.

Culpable- This word kind of proves that meaning has nothing to do with my attraction to words.  It is more about sound for me.  I love the way that you go from the "p" to the "b" sound so quickly when saying this.  Even though I hardly ever have good reason to say culpable, but when I do, it puts me in a good mood.

Fantastic- So I think that the fact that fantastic is such a commonly known word that doesn't get used so often really makes me like it.  Also, the fact that it's meant to be a happy word adds to my liking for it.  The closure that the "c" brings at the end just makes it so much fun to say!

Swimmingly- This word is like a diamond in the rough.  It was more of a British or 20's type of word but it's really pretty neat.  It takes things to a new level of happy, it's just down right chipper.  It just reminds me of a gray headed man working on some kind of drawing or paper and saying "oh it's going swimmingly my friend". And that's sorta fun, in a Disney sort of way.

Ecstatic- The great thing about this word is how the syllables mix together.  It's almost hard to say because of the jumble.  Transitioning from the "c" to the "s" is almost like the word is exploding out from your mouth.  Like it can't even wait to get out, it is very fitting for the meaning of the word.

Allocate- I honestly don't know why I like this word, maybe it's the precision of the pronunciation that does it for me but it's just a very clean word.  It just works.

Preposterous- This word always makes me laugh because of how perfect it is.  It is very pretentious I feel like, but that is why it is so perfect.  Because any time some pretentious rich guy doesn't get his way I could see him just saying in outrage, "Why, that's preposterous!!"  It's got the imagery going for it that really draws me into it.

Absolute- I saved this one for last because it seemed liked it fit in here best.  Absolute.  Even saying the word by itself without context brings meaning to it.  The word in itself is has a certain finality to it.  It shouts that what has been said is final and not to be tampered with.  I absolutely love it.

So I hope you could actually make it through my ramblings but I feel like they were noteworthy.  Even if this was a bit ridiculous, maybe it made you think of some words that you like.  Or even words that you don't like.  For me gulch and hiccup are two big no-no's.  Ugh, gross.  But anyways, I hope you liked it and maybe soon I'll go back to blogging about deep and introspective things again!