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Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's hard to imagine a life without influence. Even if you grew up without a family, there were always other people influencing your life. A life of total seclusion is what it would take to be 100% without influence. But on the same token, we all have a breaking point. We all have that point in time when we finally snap, and we say enough is enough. We decide we're going to think what we think and do what we want to do and feel how we want to feel and say what we want to say. We break from the same influence that we can't live without. So what is it about our nature that drives us to want to be so like everyone else, but at the same time be our own individual person and completely original? Why do we all want our Polo shirts and our Nike shorts but then want to have our own blogs and our different Facebook pages that make us seem so much different than everyone else? I mean take a look at ourselves, seriously, we're a joke. We fight so hard to stick out and be noticed for it and in the same breath are constantly checking what everyone else is doing and following in their footsteps. It's almost as if we're two different people, all of us. One side of us is that mindless robot that is going to wear parachute pants as long as everyone else does, and the other side is the one that always has some idea. We lose ourselves to the ideas of society so easily. We try to live inhibited in so many ways, some people do drugs, some people get drunk, some people cuss. Really, when we do these things, we're inhibiting ourselves doubly. We're following the ever growing crowd that does, and we're cutting ourselves from our problems. People, for as long as time has run, and as long as it continues, will run from their problems. Right now it's weed and beer and when I have kids who knows how they'll forget their problems. It's just scary to me when people push their hardship out of their mind, they choose to forget rather than remember. If we forget all of the bad in our lives, what's going to happen when it comes back? Are we not just creating a cycle? I guess it just frustrates me because what makes sense to me is always try to get better. I just figured you could get better if you learned how to handle things that went wrong. But I'm 20 so I don't know anything I guess. I mean, used to we had great leaders that did stuff like unite the nation and invent electricity and the telephone and all of that jazz. Now our innovators are drawing up how to make a tv/dvd player/ipod/phone/weathercaster/blender/dog/camera machine that can fit in your pocket and fly. Which, although is very cool, doesn't actually help anyone. The idea of the multipurpose phone was to help business men and women, but when they are just in it for money and not for progress, it is sort of pointless. Sure we are all starting to realize the big hole we've dug ourself as a nation as states as cities as really people essentially, but what are we doing about it? Is an iPhone 17.39G going to help? We could have rooms of people just thinking stuff up but instead we have a machine that mixes soda up in your house. We have neat shows where we slice women up and make them look like Barbie on their wedding day. We have EVERYTHING, but we have NOTHING! Maybe the reason I'm on here ranting about everything from individuality to progress is because I'm mad that I'm not the one posting up new ideas. I guess I just have this vision that no one else seems to see. I have this vision of people that can be their own person but not try to stand out, or that want to go places that no one thinks they can, or care about more than just their time period, I envision something that is probably lost, something that is hard to understand. I envision people just living their life the best way they can, for everyone, not just themselves. As impossible as that is, thats my dream, and my vision. One day, maybe it will be reality.