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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cooking Up a Great Friend

A lot of times we don't realize how special people are to us until we go without them for a while.  I don't really do a great job of keeping in touch with my friends while I'm away at college but sometimes it makes it even better when I finally see them. When I went home for Easter last weekend I got to see 2 of my best friends from Dalton, Casey and Audrey.  We did our usual thing of Chatt and walking around and watching a movie but even though we didn't really do anything special it was one of the best nights that I had had in a long time.  I don't know if it's because I'm spending time with 2 people that really get me or if it's just that we've known each other for a while but everything just seems to work when we're together.  And it's not just them that are like that either.

Every time that Nate and Courtney come home, and yes they almost always come home together, I have SO much fun.  Of course with Nate it's more of superhero adventure fun but still, it's almost like I'm getting back something that I had lost.  Because really close friends are different than casual friends, or even good friends.  Not having your best friend around is like cooking without a stove, you can still do it, but nothing is quite as good.  Just like a stove, there are so many more possibilities with your best friends.  Then your second best friend is like the oven, without them, you're down to just using the microwave.  Eventually you get used to it.  You eat Easy Mac and Raman noodles and Hot Pockets, but the second you have access to the stove and oven again, you've all of the sudden got real macaroni and stir fry and cakes and casseroles and you realize just how much you've missed have them.

Even if you're just cooking a pizza, it still makes you wish you had that oven all of the time.  Because, honestly, we only make the big meal once or twice a year.  And of course that's when we need our friends the most, but what makes them really special is all the other times.  It's the times where you just go to the movies, or you just go to the park and talk, or you just walk around downtown, or you just go golfing.  They aren't the most special times but they are what make the friendship.  They add all of the character to your recipes.  They're what build you up to making Christmas dinner (or talking about your problems that you think are crazy).  It's not that I don't love my microwave friends, I can't get enough Hot Pockets, but the stove friends are the ones that keep me going.

If it wasn't for Nate, right now I'd be in bed and getting ready for some 8am class and on the way to being some up tight stiff that I couldn't stand being.  He's taught me how to be a kid and be OK with it, and even be successful with it. If that wasn't enough, he's been my best friend since like.....middle school, that's a lot of stuff to put up with from me.  And without Courtney I'd be taking myself way too seriously right now, and not to mention be another $28,000 dollars in the hole (academic common market, Google it).  She keeps me laughing at myself and keeps making me think how I glad I am that Nate is marrying her.  And let's be honest, she's gone from my best friends girlfriend to one of my friends.  Then there's Casey, who I would be totally lost without.  She's the best I've ever seen at not letting all the bad stuff that's happening around her effect her.  She's one of those people that just being around her makes you happy, just because she always sees the light even in the darkest of times.  Finally, there's Audrey.  I've only known her for maybe a year but she's really starting to become a great friend.  What I love about her is that she's almost exactly like me in her morals but she thinks totally opposite.  It's like she see's the world totally different than how I do.  It makes for a great person to talk to about situations you feel trapped in.

Between these four, there are so many times that I feel like I'm missing a part of myself.  But every time that I get to see them I feel complete.  That's what great friends can do for you.  They make you feel like yourself in those times when you feel like you're lost.  I wouldn't trade these four for the world.  They're some of my best friends and they're really all I could ask for in being that.

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