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Friday, June 4, 2010

The King Card

Sometimes in life we are dealt the cards that seem to have no up side to them. We are left in the worst situations you can imagine, but somehow these same situations can transform us into amazing people. I know someone who has had an incredibly difficult life, but yet, she absolutely refuses to retreat from her morals and standards that she had set. What amazes me about her isn't really how great of a person she is, or that she isn't bitter about the cards she had been dealt, but that in her eyes there is no other way to live life than the right way. There is no other option to her. That amazes me. I love that girl like nothing else, she is incredible! She inspires me to make doing the right thing be the only option in life. Don't even give bad a shot, shut it out from the beginning. I think that's what being a christian is all about, not letting the negative things in life overtake you, no matter how easy it is to do. On the same note, another one of my friends was telling me about being mistreated by one of her exes and how it effected her in such a negative way and it made me think about how often boys guys and men take advantage of girls and women. It makes me mad but at the same time I'm sure I have done the same thing. But the point of our lives isn't to make the fewest amount of mistakes possible, but rather to use our mistakes to both learn and to teach the people around us. So finally, my advice to the world, love furiously and live life abundantly!