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Saturday, April 16, 2011


So out of nowhere yesterday I decided that I wanted to spend $8.  I figured that food wouldn't last me, clothes stop fitting pretty quickly, and gas is overrated.  That only left one thing. Go to the movies!  So I look up some showtimes and I see that this Hanna movie is playing and it looked somewhat interesting.  But I was soon to find out that "somewhat" was a bad word choice.

From the very beginning it was pretty much non stop action.  She kills this elk with an arrow and then her dad attacks her.  I mean, honestly, the opening couldn't have been much cooler.  Even though I felt like this was pretty much a textbook example of an action movie, what made it great is the fact that it still had some symbolism to it.

I don't want to give anything away but it touched on being different and innocence a little bit.  There was sort of underlying point that if you teach someone their whole life that Coke is a healthy drink then they will treat it as such until they somehow find out differently.  We tend to say that people are only products of their environment and that is very true.  People will normally grow up to be just like the people they were raised by, but there are exceptions.  That's where nature vs. nurture comes in.  Some people just want to do right or do wrong.  You could put them in almost any environment you want and it would almost never change.  To me, the real argument is that both are right.

It seems fair to say that every parent should want the best for their children.  I do know that is a naive statement to make seeing as we have things like abortion and adoption, but those things can be seen as parents knowing that they don't have the ability to give their children a good life.  But that argument aside, my point is that no one ever means to cut their child's chances in life.  It just happens.  Some people drink too much, some people have anger issues, some people just aren't around enough, and some people smother their kids.  It's just not human nature to be perfect.

However, we do expect our kids to be perfect.  We expect them to have all A's and go to Harvard and be lawyers and get married to someone that is perfectly adequate for that type and then have 2 kids and live in a black shutter house with a tire swing.  It's either that or let go and hope for the best.  What I don't understand is why the middle ground is used so much less.  Why not just hold on loosely but don't let go? It may be just and average .38 Special song but it makes sense.  It's just hard to see people make the same mistakes that we've made.  But sometimes it's honestly better to figure stuff out on your own.  That's the only way it really sticks, the life lessons aren't ever anything that someone just tells us.  We just have to figure them out on our own, and when we can't, that's what other people are here for.  Just teach me to learn, and I'll become the most successful man alive.

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