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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Beauties of May

With May being just around the corner I'm starting to get pretty excited!  May is a big month for me.  It holds a few big events that I can barely wait for.  First and foremost, schools out in May.  Not that I don't love being in Knoxville with all my friends, it's just that I honestly hate being in class 5 days out of the week.  I would probably rather eat nails than keep this up another 4 years.  But aside from that, May 15th is my birthday! My Amazon wishlist is linked to my Blogger page for everyone that wants to send me stuff haha.  In all seriousness I am super stoked about it because I'm finally getting a Kindle and will be an official nerd!  About 3 years ago I would have never admitted to it, but now it seems really cool.  But I really do love May because it sort of symbolizes summer for me.  It actually is hot every day and I can sit by the pool shamelessly.  I finally get the time to just relax and take a break from everything.

But the thing I am most excited for in May is the big screen.  Three amazing looking movies are coming out that I really can't wait for.  May the 6th is the opening of Thor!!!  For those of you who aren't massive nerds, Thor is a superhero that ends up teaming up with Iron Man, Captain America, and for the movies sake possibly Hawkeye to make the team called The Avengers.  The cool thing about Thor is that he's a god on another planet, so he has to come to Earth and just be a super hero.  But anyways, that's just the kickoff.  By the 20th we'll have the fourth Pirates movie coming and despite being disappointed about losing Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom I'm still overall excited.  I mean, it IS Johnny Depp. So how bad could it really be?  And then to top it all off, as bad as it really is, The Hangover II ends out May.  Sure the humor may be racy, but it somehow never fails to make me laugh.  So in contrast with March, May seems to be one of my favorite months because of all the blessings it brings!

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