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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Thing Which Tells Time

A few weeks ago I sent off my watch to Fossil to get it fixed. Since I wear it everywhere, not having it almost made me feel naked or exposed.  For the whole first week I was constantly looking at my empty wrist for the time. After that I depended on my phone or ipod for the time, but it didn't work as well in class or during tests.  I started seeing how losing my watch is like losing God.  At first you kind of go through the motions of praying and sitting through church and living right until you realize that somethings missing.  Then all of the sudden you're just looking towards something or someone else instead of God.  Whether it is a person or idol or a bad habit or just being empty, you try to substitute for God with an ipod.  In all honesty it may work for a while.  But sooner than later you will see the void that is created.  It will take some time and some repairing and tinkering but you will eventually regain your watch.  When that day comes, and you put God back on, you'll put on a big smile.  It will be like regaining an old friend, and it will be a great day!

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