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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am quickly realizing learning that March is one of my least favorite months of the year.  First off, it is so demanding, I will walk in whatever fashion I want to. I hate marching.  More importantly, it doesn't have any holidays that are worth while.  I mean, even the Irish don't care about St. Patrick's day. All you do is wear green and drink beer. I can only imagine that March 17th seems extremely routine at Michigan St.  It isn't that I don't like green, and even though I don't like beer my beef with St. Patrick's day is that we don't even know or care what it's about.  So it just doesn't seem very prudent to celebrate it.  Also, mother nature becomes very irrational during March.  It is almost as if she just wants to mix it up every day. Hot, cold, rainy, sunny, snow, HAIL, sun, sun, sun, freeze! What is going on with her?  Then there is always that one day, when all of the sudden it is summer.  In Tennessee, and most of the southeast, there is no such thing as spring or fall.   It is more like day and night. Sure there are afternoons and mornings but they don't get near as much playing time as day and night do.  So soon enough we will step outside and be slapped by heat and humidity.  No one knows when, but when it happens, you can thank March.  Then, after February is nice and treats us to a short month, the 31 days that March holds seem painstakingly long.
I may be giving March a little bit of a hard time.  There are some good things that happen in March. Like March Madness. Now isn't this every guys dream? Pretty much every night of the week there is a vital sports match up on TV. But if we're being honest, someone named it wrong.  It would be much more accurate if it were called March is Crazy but April's Wild.  Because the Final Four and the National Championship games aren't even played in March, madness.  And I guess half warm is better than no warm at all.  So the weather is halfway positive.  And St. Patrick's Day does make some people happy, even if it does mean getting intoxicated on what could be Listerine in large mugs.  So maybe I'll cut March some slack, but only because today is it's birthday. But I'm still only walking or running, no high steps for me.

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