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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Top 5 Favorite Movies

Recently I started thinking about my movie collection and which ones are my favorites.  Being true to my dorkiest form, I went to the Excel spreadsheets.  I made a formula to combine how much I like the plot, the actor, how many times I've watched it, and how cool the movie is.  With a little bit of work and some adjustments to the formula I finally perfected it.  This is what I came up with. My top 5 movies:

5. Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Since I was such a nerd even as a child, I grew up being infatuated with the Star Wars saga.  I had all of the toys, the lightsabers, the action figures, the costumes, I had it all.  Of course there are 5 others in the set, but this one is literally perfect.  There are so many amazing things getting packed into these 2 hours.  Luke starts actually being a Jedi, Han and Leia get together, we meet Yoda and Lando, and of course the quote, "Luke, I am your father".  When I think of Star Wars I think of that, Han being carbon frozen, and the epic cave scene.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch the movie. You won't regret it.  If nothing else you'll get to see the best Muppet version of Yoda you can imagine.

4. Peter Pan

We all watch Disney movies as kids.  For most of us they are just a time killer given to us by our parents.  But for some reason I never played into that.  To me, these movies were my life.  I never grew out of them.  I don't really know why either.  It could just be that they're great, or it could be their moral lessons, or maybe it's just the Peter Pan effect.  I always liked the idea of not growing up.  Although it is impossible in some respects, I'm keeping it up in others.  Even if it is for kids, Peter Pan teaches us that we can't just run away from growing up.  We just have to embrace it and make it ours. That's how it got to number four, it taught me about the spirit of youth.

3. Finding Neverland

I know what you're thinking now, two Peter Pan movies in a row? This kid must be obsessed. So maybe I am.  But childhood is something that is important to me.  It's such a vital time in our lives that makes us into the people we are now.  We are never as pure and innocent as we are when we're children.  This does an amazing job of not only telling the Peter Pan story but really going into how it came to be.  It goes into the stuff that you never knew and didn't even know existed.  Not to mention, Johnny Depp is by far my favorite actor of all time.  He has that innate ability to display emotions without even saying anything.  Every time I watch the movie I just sit there and think what would it be like to be able to create my own world.  I love that idea.  Creating a place to escape to. It doesn't get much better than finding your own Neverland.

2. Batman: The Dark Knight

This is where we get really serious.  It goes from straight childish movies to a childish comic that has grown up.  In addition to my Disney and Star Wars I also love some super heroes.  My favorite, of course, being Batman.  The caped crusader.  It doesn't get much more awesome than Batman.  He's got the gadgets, the suit, and the car!  So when Hollywood takes something that was very much a part of my childhood and makes it so adult, it's almost a guaranteed favorite.  Not only are the special effects and costumes and everything perfect, but it also has a great lesson.  It goes to show that sometimes being a hero isn't easy.  You are expected to take on much more than you could imagine handling and do it flawlessly.  If nothing else, you could watch the movie just to see Heath Ledger perform like you've never seen.  It literally ended up killing him.  It's by far the best sequel you could ever ask for.  Just remember, the Knight is darkest just before the dawn.

Now you've got to be thinking, what could top the Dark Knight on this kid's ridiculous list?  Some of you are going to hate it, and some will love it, but either way just hear me out.

1.  A Christmas Story

24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS! Everyone's favorite right?  Every year when Thanksgiving roles around there is only one thing on my mind.  It isn't turkey, pilgrims, or football.  It's the annual first view of A Christmas Story with the family.  It kicks off the holiday season perfectly.  I love it because of all the little subtleties that only me and my family think are funny. BB gun mania knows no loyalties.  It gets me every time.  I started out watching it one Christmas Eve at about eight years old when I couldn't sleep.  I caught it half way through so when it was over I started it again.  After I got back to where I was I kept watching until the end.  That night a new tradition was born.  Ever since then I've stayed up all night on Christmas Eve watching it over and over until Santa came.  As I've gotten older it's gained more and more clout with my family.  My sister has even joined in in recent years.  It's just one of those movies that I could watch over and over any day any time of the year no matter what.  I've probably seen it at least 100 times and can't wait to see it 100 more.  It is without a doubt, my favorite movie of all time.

T.C. Street

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