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Monday, March 7, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Yesterday I was driving to pick up some take out Chinese food and I was running early so I decided to stop by the dog shelter just to see what kinds of dogs they had.  When I walked in there were a good bit of people there but as I looked around the place was really small.  So I walked around and in the back there were some cages that were lined up against the wall and a few of the cages were too small for the dogs that were in them.  One dog in particular was shaking and panting because he was so nervous.  It made me mad at first that they would do that to the animals but then I realized they really are trying to help, but they just don't have enough money to do it right. Because I am in college I don't exactly have the money help out very much, but there are ways to help.  There are sites out there where all you have to do is click and for every click someone donates 50 cents or something.  So why can't we do something like that in a more localized sense?  Whether it be a race that gives money for every second under your goal time or an organization that give double whatever amount you give.  All it takes is people and a few people that have money.  I'm sure in a city as big as Knoxville there are at least 10 high rollers that love animals.  I want to do something that I can see the weight of.  I want to become active in helping animals, whether it be dogs, cats, or even iguanas.  I hate the thought that even the people that are helping can be hurting animals. Maybe it takes more money than what I can come up with but I think even just the slightest bit of effort can get the ball rolling.  So if anyone knows any ways that I can get involved in helping these animals out please let me know and in the mean time I am going to try to find someone to help me financially to start making a move towards a better future for all the un-homed dogs in Knoxville.  Below is a link to a click to give organization that I have been using and if there are any more good ones that anyone knows about please let me know! Good luck and thanks for reading!

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