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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Relationship of Steel

Thursday night was a big night for me.  My best friend finally proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years and she of course said yes!  I got to go and help him out with it and see her cry and shake and all that good stuff.  It was neat to see him be so relaxed about it all and it just work out perfectly.

Being 20 years old, I can't even imagine taking care of myself, much less another person.  But when people asked me if I was worried about him getting married so young I always say no.  He never seems to worry about anything.  For some people that can be bad, but for Nate, it works perfectly.  He just lives his life at his own pace.  We always joked as kids that I was batman and he was superman but the more we've grown up together the more true it seems.

Most people get nervous about stuff or get down about stuff but he never does.  He has a great perspective about what really matters.  I really admire it.  He has such a short memory about bad stuff and doesn't get effected by anyone.  He's a pole vaulter at the Naval Academy and that in itself is a testament to his strength. He's one of those guys who can do absolutely anything he wants to do.

And as for his fiancée, Courtney is maybe the only person who could ever keep up with him. We go back and forth, and have for the past 5 years, but it is all in good fun.  She has always been Tinkerbell.  She actually mirrors Tinkerbell in the fact that she is extremely cheerful and fun to be around.  She leaves that trail of pixie dust everywhere she goes that makes you happy.  Although she does has a fiery mean side, just like Tink, she only uses it when she has to.  It's always fun to see Courtney because even when I'm making fun of her she's always in good spirits.  That's why she is perfect for Nate.

So when people say, aren't they a little young, this is why I always say no.  Because if anyone can make it work, it's these two.  They work more perfectly together than anyone I have ever seen.  It's almost as if they were just made for each other.  I guess that's why I'm writing this.  Because in a world that so many people just get together on a whim and end up getting divorced, Nate and Courtney break that trend.  I feel like watching them over the past 5 years has been like watching a love story unfold.  It may have been romantic comedy, but still a love story nonetheless.  They're a testament to the modern relationship and that it can work.  I'm really proud of them and can't wait to see their relationship keep growing!  It's really been a superheroes fairytale.

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