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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go Live

I started blogging as a way to get my ideas out in the open and to figure out my own mind.  But the more I write on it the more it becomes an advice column.  I thought about that for a little while today and asked myself what is the best advice I know to give right now, at 20 years old.  The best thing I could come up to is to just live.

Live and explore.  Explore everything around you.  Learn everything you can about yourself, your family, friends, city, and everything that is important to you.  Go all the places that you've always wanted to go.  Figure out your favorite thing to do and do it every single day.  Find something to be passionate about and someone to passionately share it with.  Think.  Think about everything that happens and why it happens.  Think about what you care about and then fight for the cause.  Set a time to go back to your childhood and remember what made you laugh.  Remember what made you happy.  Get in the car one day and just drive, drive until you're so lost that you need directions.  Stay up all night long one night and then sleep all day.  Turn off every electronic device you have for a full day.  Let curiosity grow you until you can't grow anymore.  Read a book that no one has ever heard of.  Find God, trust me, He helps!  Don't be effected by everything that is bad in the world.  Be the cause that effects people and makes them happy.

All I'm trying to say is that nothing is certain.  Nothing is for sure, not even time.  We don't have much time here on Earth, let's be honest.  So use what time you have.  Dream, and dream bigger than anyone else ever could.  Build yourself a life that makes you wake up smiling.  Be the person that defines what life is instead of letting your life define you. Just go live.


  1. It is nice to be open. I just stumbled across this site, but what you wrote was nice!...Daniel

  2. Beautiful advice! Absolutely beautiful!

  3. Thanks Mae! I think you've got to be my number one reader!