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Monday, February 21, 2011

Yo Ho Me Hearties

My life is riddled with mistakes and regrets that come after my triumphs and satisfactions like a plague to overshadow even the brightest of successes.  It constantly begs the question inside of me, why is bad so much stronger than good?  The best of all deeds would never make up for the worst, I don't know if that's just in our society or if that is a universal truth but regardless I don't understand it.  It brings me to looking myself in the mirror and thinking that I'm no more than a pirate.  Taking my mistakes from one situation to the next and never looking back once it's over.  The world is chasing me to contest the way I live but I don't see them, I only see what is ahead.  But still, somewhere in me, I want to look back, not for fear, but rather for the sole purpose of apology.  For I am truly sorry for the things that I have done, I just hope that someday, when given the chance to do something, something courageous, I will find that I am in fact a good man.  Until then, all I know to say is drink up me hearties yo ho!
T.C. Street

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