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Saturday, May 8, 2010


I wrote this almost a year ago but I love it, so here ya go:

Gorgeous, a powerful word that means splendid or sumptuous in appearance by definition. But what is its true meaning? Is Paris Hilton gorgeous in the same way that your wife is? The answer to that should be no if you have any sense at all. True elegant beauty is something more that just an appearance. It is much more than aesthetics. It is much more than wearing the right clothes, jewelry, makeup, or shoes. Being gorgeous is making a man’s heart stop even when you aren’t trying to look good. Gorgeous is wearing your sweatshirt and old jeans and STILL sending that tingle up a guy’s spine. Gorgeous is being sick and the boy still not being to take his eyes off of you. Gorgeous is NOT pretty. Gorgeous comes from the heart. A girl that is truly beautiful would love you whether you wore Polo, loved Captain Kirk, ate Boo Berry for breakfast, programmed computers, owned a beach house, were short, or even if you weren’t attractive. That girl is gorgeous because you know that she loves YOU, not who you want to portray yourself as or what you seem to be, she loves you because you are you. And to go with that she will only be herself because that’s why you should love her. That’s America’s problem, ourselves. We don’t want to be us, we want to be JT or Will Smith or Kobe Bryant. We don’t want to be John Doe or Mr. E we want to be what everyone loves. When all we are doing is hiding from the one that is there to truly love us. I am 19 years old and I LOVE Batman, I own every episode of Seinfeld and Rob & Big, have bear house shoes, play video games, obsess over movies, hate reading, love love, love Polo, miss Arnold, speak scoobineese, could lose some weight, attempt to be fashionable, fall in love way too quickly, am extremely cheesy, hate my competitors, make fun of people constantly, and try to be a writer and a poet and I have some of the most GORGEOUS friends in the world. I may be childish and immature but still I know women that are mature enough to love me for me and nothing else. Right now they are my best friends but maybe, just maybe someday we can be a bit closer than that. Maybe I can share love with a woman like that and we can obsess over each other and go to Six Flags and be immature and love each other because we are who we are. Don’t look to fit love, because you can’t, love fits you. Once you learn that you will become gorgeous, just like you always dreamed of.

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