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Friday, May 7, 2010

The empty room

You walk into your room at your house and look around. What do you see? You have your bed, your dresser, closet, maybe a few pictures or paintings on the wall, a nightstand, a rug, TV, possibly a chair. Now imagine all of that was gone, just totally gone, and your room was painted gray with a concrete floor. It's still a room right? In fact, it's still your room even. So why would a person be any different? If we were all just gray and didn't have our personality or race on the outside, would anyone judge us by how we looked? If all of our personality was inside of us how would we be treated? Much differently. Because I see the guy on the side of the road with his hair dyed black, wearing all black with a chain around his neck and make-up on and I think "wow that guy has problems." But in reality, that guy is just like me. Yea he has problems, but he also has incredible ideas and dreams and aspirations. We are too quick to jump to conclusions about people just from what we observe on the outside. The true value that a person has will never be shown on the outside, it comes from within. So girls, don't show me your whole body when you go to class in your short shorts and skin tight tank. Because then there's no way I'll be focused on you and your personality. Not a chance. But the challenge, to myself and to everyone, is to keep your mind open to people and their ideas and don't throw them out just because of the way they look. Whether it be race, style, height, weight, sex, just let it be and open your mind to the ideas that the person has inside!

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