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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


In everything we do, say, or hear we have a vision of how it will unfold.  When we ask our friends to go to the movies we expect that they will want to and will be able to.  When we study for a week before a test we expect that we will make a good grade on it.  Even when we hear a story, we have some preconceived notions about how it will end. 
But what happens when our expectations aren't met? The image in our heads is almost never lived up to.  Our friends have something to do or the teach throws a curve ball, and we get disappointed.
We obviously have good intentions for these expectations but how do we take them from the hope stage to the expect stage? Because, make no mistake, that is what we do.
I go to the beach and expect to lay in the sun, throw frisbee, throw football, and just hang out.  When I bring people with me I automatically think that is what they'll want to do too. That's where my thinking is wrong.
It's almost like some kind of subconscious selfishness.  I do it without thinking.  But at the same time I don't how to combat it.
I feel like it's a symbol of growing up and becoming up tight and not being able to just go with the flow.
Going with the flow, it sounds so easy, it actually used to be easy. For some reason it has gotten harder and harder for me. I'm constantly challenging myself to live a better, happier life and this is another thing I want to add to the list. Just go with the flow.
Still work hard, play hard, and love hard.  But don't expect anything in return. Always hope for the best, but expect nothing, ever.
T.C. Street

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  1. Loved this! Great words of advice. Even in everyday matters I try to plan less and go with where the day takes me. I agree with you, that expecting less is a great way to avoid disappointment and furthermore, a key to your own happiness. I also think this advice is vital to holding a strong relationship (romantic and non).

    Thanks for this post : )