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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Defining Yourself

There's so much that goes into making us the people that we grow up to be.  As a parent it must be a tremendous pressure not to mess up in any way.  But as a child you don't even see it happening.  The more and more we see how movies and quotes and stories and people effect us, the more we realize how shapeless we are born.
Constantly we are molded and formed into the grown ups that we become without ever really taking the time to look at why and how.  Of course we have our friends and family and religions, those should be easy to see.  But what else contributes to us becoming who we are? Do we only believe in what we see around us or do we also see things that we don't believe in?  Is it possible for us to not know who we are but to know who we aren't.  It seems like backwards thinking but hang with me.
I've never received anything but positive encouragement in my life. I couldn't be more thankful to my friends, family, and to God for that.  However, it has left me blind.  Although I can't imagine how much harder life is for someone who is surrounded by negatives, I feel like it makes it easier to see what you don't want to become.  Sure we are just a product of our environment but we still have our own heart.  We all have the ability to search within ourselves and question why we are who we are.
It is sort of a scary thing when it just said like that, questioning why you are who you are, but I feel like it's important.  It is really the essence of why we decide to get up every morning and do whatever we do.  At 20 years old I'm just now starting to get acquainted with myself and understand why I am who I am.  I'm learning what inspires me and how and why and what it really means to be inspired.  I'm learning why I have God on my side and why He is there for me at all times.  I'm learning that life can be hard and that to get through it alone is impossible.  I'm learning that I want to be me, and not everyone else.
So if ever I made a challenge to you, and to myself for that matter, let this be the one to test.  Take the time to question yourself.  Learn who you are and why.  Ask yourself elementary things that seem so mundane and simple that they may just stump you.  Question things, and question yourself.  It is amazing what you may just find out about the person you thought you knew best.  Before you know it, you'll be able to define yourself simply by who you are instead of who you aren't.

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