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Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Places I Have to See Before I Die

For most of my life I have been amazed by many different structures, both man made and divine alike.  It made me want to make of list of all of the places that I wanted to see most.  I couldn't come up with a specific order but here are 30 of the most amazing places I can think of:
Macaque Monkeys of Nagano, Japan

1. Yucatan Peninsula
2. Niagra Falls
3. Rome, all of it
4. Cape Town, South Africa
5. New Zealand
6. Nagano, Japan
7. Paris, France
8. Giza, Egypt
Christ the Redeemer Statue
Rio de Janeiro
9. North Pole
10. South Pole
11. Himalayas, Nepal
12. Machu Picchu, South America
13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
14. Sydney, Australia
15. Agra, India
16. Queensland, Australia
17. Uninc, Arizona
18. Las Vegas, Nevada
19. New York, New York
Easter Island
20. Hawaii
21. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
22. Easter Island
23. The Great Wall of China
24. Fairbanks, Alaska (Aurora Borealis)
25. Peten Basin, Guatemala
26. Kyoto, Japan
27. Venice, Italy
28. Angkor, Cambodia
29. Athens, Greece

So I want to stop at number 29 and note something.  All of these things are places or events that really anyone can see or experience.  But my last one is something special.  Somewhere that not everyone gets to go.  Even though you can't go before you die, I figured I can always dream.

30. Heaven

T.C. Street

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  1. As I was going down the list, I noted some places I had been to and were nice, and I was thinking about my own list which at the top is not necessarily a place, but the Aurora Borealis. So I was like it HAS to be on here! And sure enough it was. :P