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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did I ever tell you that I love you?

If you think this is to you then it’s probably not to you, but if you know either it’s not for you or it has to be for you then it is. So now you’re asking yourself why I never told you if I really did. But the answer to that is because I really did. You always knew I liked you, or hated you in some situations, but it never went past that knowledge. I was always nice to you, I was always there to talk, I always tried to help, I always wanted the best for you, and I always cared. But did you ever really notice? You appreciated it without a doubt but did you truly notice it? The times you talked about your boyfriend and I acted happy because you were happy, the times you were broken hearted and I told you there was a guy out there that deserved you even though I wanted it to be me, the times that I talked in circles with you just to make you feel better, the times that I was hurt too but didn’t mention it, and the times I was still there when the others weren’t. Did you ever think what that really meant? Why I would waste my time? Why I should care? Why it even mattered? Probably not, you probably just thought here’s another guy trying to be nice. But honestly the reason I was always there and WILL ALWAYS be there for you is because I love you! I never told you because you needed to see it on your own, and maybe one day that will be a reality and you can at least understand how strong our friendship can be. But until then I will never tell you that I love you, but I will always be here to show you that I do because that is true love.

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